Wednesday, May 28, 2008

That's My Cousin!!!

Man how many times do I hear people say that to me? Or someone tells me yeah I meet your cousin so and so. I'm like who? I like this one hey Chonz it's your cousin so and so can I get some tickets? Well It's my turn to finally say it to someone in my family! The cool thing it's my real cousin and I love saying it! That's my cousin!!!! I'm proud of him!!

Now I have done a lot of cool things since I started DJing in 1993. I have meet tons of people, Dr. Dre, De La Soul, Gangstar, Bam Batta, Ken Swift, Trac 2, Fab 5 Freddy, Big L, Ludacris the list goes on and on. But my 14 year old cousin has put that all to shame by getting to meet and a give a speech to our next president Barack Obama.

Theo Rodriguez is standing in the back of the class room in this picture you can also click on the link to read the article the Denver Post did on this amazing day!

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