Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kid Hum Review

So it looks like I'm in the game of album reviewing. LOL.. Nah just joking it feels pretty dope to write about peeps music.

My dude Kid Hum sent me his latest record Fossil Fuel.. It's a all instrumental album. I really dig it. Thanks for sharing it with me.

He is the first to send me anything to write about or post up. So i guess I'm open for business on reviewing. Also Note* I'm listening to this record on the new Dr. Dre Beat by Dre Headphones so I hear everything to the T. :)

Here are my big winners for Fossil Fuel:

Imagine - love the reggae in it, feels like I'm traveling
Church - just feels holly
Clonzepam - I'm a Jazz Head so i love the horns - I could do with the drops in this song.
Rain - The beat is dope again not a fan of the drops, yet the beat is still dope
Side B - One Of the best sounding beats and very clean.

The Joints I left out are at times a little noisy for me, and the drums could be beefed up a little more. Overall I though this was a great concept album and I look forward to hearing more from Kid Hum. Now Can we get a beat?

All his information below including the link to Fossil Fuel.







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