Monday, February 2, 2009

DJ Kut Say's Forget About It!

Here is My Dude DJ Kut's E.mail....

Happy Monday and welcome to the first week in February! I am so proud of you!! You were so focused in January that the month didn't even seem like it was here for long! That's what happens when you stay busy. I need you to keep that same momentum going into February and remember that 2009 is a year of action. Keep putting your plans into place and don't stop until you get your desired results. I need you to do me a favor though: Stop paying attention to the media outlets that want to put fear into you!! The ones that report nothing but negativity about the economy and the recession. Yes, the economy is in trouble but the more you consume yourself with that negative energy, the more it will begin to affect you in a negative way. It really doesn't serve you any purpose to know what companies are cutting jobs and how bad the economy is. All that is doing is instilling fear into you and fear is wasted space in your brain. So yes there is a recession! But the recession is in the mind, so stop feeding it!! Today's Daily Word is dedicated to Forgetting, Forget about the Recession, forget about mistakes, forget about failures.... Just Forget About it!! Keep on Moving On!!


I couldn't agree more! With my Dude DJ Kut. I get emails from Kut all the time. Yet this one really caught my attention. I felt that I really needed to share this to everyone. Remember all you can do is you! Quote from my dude Michael Fisher "In Every Crisis It Creates Opportunity" Just dig deep into your soul. I know I have been doing the same. Let's think outside the box.
I shared this e.mail with a couple of friends and one friend gave a good analogy.

"it reminds me of apocalypto, I watched it again and the father of Jaguar Paw tells him that fear is a contagious disease... I believe that's true"

I couldn't agree more. Surround yourself around positive energy. So positive things come in your life!

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