Sunday, September 7, 2008

DJ Chonz Vs. DJ Psycho All Vinyl Selection Battle

Chonz Vs. Psycho! All Wax! Man This Was Great Reminded Me Why I DJ!!!
This was one of the dopest nights of my life it reminded me why I became a DJ. We put the Serato away for one night and Psycho and I had it out who could play the hotter joint all on wax. This is how I started Djing it was in backyards, house parties so it was only right we took back to the same setting at DJ Jay's backyard. You decide at home who won?
I think he got me on the Nasty word play, Soundtracks, Pump it Hottie, Sugar Hill and Dr. Dre Right Back at me. i got him on East Coast, West Coast Electronic, West Coast, New Jack, Rock, Chicano Music, 80's R&B.

So the final Score 7-5 Me (Chonz)

You decided?

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