Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Orleans

Core DJ Retreat.... Man there a lot peeps here in New Orleans, I'm here with beatsource we are the title sponsor of the event.
Meet a lot of cool DJ's and it has been nothing but love. I been Dj'n everyday Friday, Saturday and Sunday 4 -5 hour shifts. I'm pretty tired. Big up to Core DJ and CO rep,DJ K-Tone for giving me a break so I could rest. The grind is thick out here there is a lot of record labels, Sony, Def Jam, So So Def, Digi Waxx, Jive, Capital. and many independent labels . I ran out of cards to give out and at one time i was the human juke box playing every ones music. A lot of south music, and some it was really dope, yet after awhile it sounded the same. Right now I'm cooln, and I'm sorry labels and artist I don't have anymore room for your CD's. I'm telling you guys every five minutes if you were here you would get a new CD with someone saying they were the new next thing. Which I'm not mad at because that's the grind. I just don't want anymore CD's :) . But I respect your hustle. I will post pics later

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